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A faded rocky shard disappearing in the deep-blue like an oceanic mirage is all that remains of this shield volcano that probably blew its top 6.4 million years ago.
It’s the world’s tallest sea stack at 562 meters high and over a kilometer wide at the base, lost at sea off the coast of tiny magic Lord Howe Isle (a two-hour, motion-sickness-inducing, small-plane flight northeast from Sydney), constantly buffeted by never-ending wind and waves, surrounded by wheeling Petrels and Albatross.
As if that’s not extreme enough, there’s the ongoing Epic of the Phasmid: a heroic, rock-climbing propelled discovery of the once-thought-to-be-extinct onyx black invertebrate, and its resurrection through the incredible husbandry of some very, very dedicated humans.

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Original watercolour painting on 300gsm Arches cotton paper.
Comes with white cardboard mat ready to fit 10 x 15cm frame.

Image Size: 59 x 98mm
Paper size: 78 x 119mm
Mat size: 100 x 150mm