I paint the urban nature of the Birrarung/Yarra River in Melbourne: bats, birds, remnant river red gums, cityscapes, and the ever changing sky. I work in oil paint for its versatility in representing both fine detail and abstraction in the landscape through layers of glazes, scumbles and juicy highlights. Behind the scenes, I experiment with a variety of mediums – watercolour, acrylics, graphite, pastel – to capture landscapes en plein air and develop new concepts.

Along with nature in the city, influences for my art are Australia’s biodiversity and landscapes and their change throughout the millennia. When I’m not painting, you’ll probably find me nerding out on natural history or peering at birds through binoculars. I’m constantly amazed by the complexity of life that’s evolved on this planet and the countless ecological interactions that happen all around us, all the time. For me, designing a painting is a mechanism through which to investigate specific topics or ideas and express the sense of wonder I feel about our planet. Sometimes the ideas expressed on my canvases are big, sometimes small. Through the paintings themselves, I hope to communicate the things I’ve learned to others, and in some small way to encourage others to care about life beyond our human selves too.

I studied drawing and design as part of a Bachelor of Product Design at Swinburne University, during which I discovered I had a strong preference for the natural world over consumer goods. I later changed career paths to work in environmental policy, completed a six month visual art studio in drawing at the Victorian College of the Arts, and began exhibiting in group shows in 2018. I took up painting in 2020 and haven’t put the brush down since.