Baw Baw Frog print


Baw Baw Frogs (Philoria frosti) are precious and rare little brown frogs, with less than 1,000 left in the wild. They live in muddy leaf litter on the cold Baw Baw Plateau, hunting worms and other critters. Baw Baw Frogs lay their eggs underground in a foam nest; the tadpoles probably don’t swim, they hide under vegetation and snack on a large yolk until one day they metamorphise into frogs themselves.

The future of alpine critters is in our hands. Climate change is causing cold habitats to shrink, leaving dwindling populations stranded on their mountain-top homes, like islands in the sky.



Archival pigment giclee print on 310gsm 100% cotton rag paper

Size: 8 x 10 inches